Oh I Do Believe (Group Show)





Mark Dutcher
Daniel Mendel Black
Markus X Farina
Ricardo Doughnuts Ibarra
Lola Rose Thompson
Phillipe de Sablet
Alex Beccera
Alex Sanchez

“Maybe art arrived on earth long ago in the form of an intelligent virus that turned people into artists on contact. Not everyone would have been susceptible, but some would, and through them — with the help of genetic mutation — art would propagate itself in forms appropriate to the social and historical development of its hosts.”
– Ken Johnson, The Old New Here, the New New There, NY Times March 8th 2012 –

“When art becomes independent and paints its world in dazzling colors, a moment of life has grown old. Such a moment cannot be rejuvenated by dazzling colors, it can only be evoked in memory. The greatness of art only emerges at the dusk of life.”

Guy Debord, The Society of the Spectacle-

Kindness is just about the best you can do. Negation is not so bad; in fact I find it rather positive. Whether this scene remains fictional or participatory is to be seen, yet I am uninterested in being faithful to anything in anyway anyhow. As much as I want to believe is as about much as I do not really need to know anymore or any less. All I seek through Nirvana is everything

Apt. 8824 Project Space
8824 Reading Ave
Los Angeles 90045


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